Monday, February 2, 2015

14 Day Fresh Start

Welcome to Monday!  So sit back and get situated to our new blog set up!!  You will be hearing from me every Monday so get excited!! We are pumped about the re-vamp and its positive changes!

 So today I am starting what I am calling a 14 Day Fresh Start.  So basically after my honeymoon in August and the rat situation right after the honeymoon and me living in just got married bliss and the holidays and the post holiday cruise, my life has kind of gotten off balance.  Do you ever get to the point where you feel like you are running from day to day and never get a chance to just take a beat and focus on you?  Well that is how I feel!  I have not set aside the time that I should to better myself like I want to.  And believe me I know the time is somewhere based on my Netflix binge history in the past few months. 

The beginning of the Honeymoon!
Holidays (This is pre-meal snacking, not even the main event!) 

A big part of that is my physical fitness.  I have gotten off a regular workout schedule and my senseless munching has gone off the roof!  Now I have always been 10-30 lbs (yeah.. my weight fluctuates a lot... all the time!!) heavier than I really want to be, but leave it to your wedding to whip you into your ideal body!  And don't get me wrong you can be beautiful and happy at ANY size and my ideal wedding body wasn't a size 0 either!  But I felt good and feeling good in my skin was just one less stress in my day.  But again the honeymoon, post honeymoon bliss and holidays derailed that because I let it.  

This time I don't have a big event to prepare for so I don't want to starve myself or diet.  I just want to get back in the routine of a healthy lifestyle.  Exercise 5 days a week and a balanced diet (with a splurge here and there of course... just not a splurge between every meal!)

Physical Health

So what do I want from the physical health part of my 14 Day Fresh Start?  I want it to get me in the habit of living a balanced life and having a day that I feel good about when I crawl in to bed instead of a day full of regret!  

So here are my self inflicted rules:

1.  Get your butt out of bed every morning and go straight to your workout.

I am doing workouts at with my girl Lisa.  If you have never been to this website, you need to go ASAP!  Lisa whips your butt in to shape fast and she is so encouraging even though the workouts are killer!  And the best part, it is free!!

2. Eat your carbs at breakfast

So I am definitely not cutting carbs out of my lifestyle.  I know I would probably whittle down fast if I did, but it just isn't realistic... I need bread.  But if I can resolve to eat them in the morning when they have time to break down before bed and I have time to work them off before they turn straight into sugar that stays as an extra pound, then I think I am ok.


You guys this is going to be my absolute hardest rule to follow!  I blame it on my dad (who I love a whole lot!)  But it is still his fault because he is a muncher, and I am a huge food grazer!  All day everyday.  And I try to account for them when I count calories but let's be real... do you really know how much you are eating when you just grab handfuls of something over and over.  So if it isn't on a plate, I am not putting it in my mouth! (well that is the plan at least... I am only human, I am bound to slip a few times)

4.  Eat 5 times a day, no more, no less

So I am thinking this rule may help me with my munching.  If I have something healthy and good to eat between meals, then maybe, just maybe I can stave off the munching!

Mental Health

Now what about my mental health?!  Don't worry I am not going to neglect that in my fresh start!  Mostly, like physical health,  I want to get to the end of my day and feel good, not regretful.  I mean we only have today for today right?  So I should probably fill it with things that make me smile and make me proud of myself!  

So here are my self inflicted rules:

1. NO NETFLIX BINGING (before 5 pm)

Ok, Ok I am not giving it up entirely.  But I have a relatively flexible schedule and there are days where instead of doing the productive things that I actually need to be doing,  I sit on my arse all day and watch stupid tv shows on Netflix! (they are stupid but I love them)  So that has to end.  But not totally.  I love winding down and watching movies with my husband at night so that will stay for the sake of our marriage!

2.  Read one chapter of something beneficial

There are so many books out there written by people with way more wisdom than I have!  So whether it is something related to religious beliefs, something that will benefit your work life, or something that is just good for your soul,  I am going to take 5-10 minutes a day, not a huge commitment, and read something that will make me wiser.

3.  Use that intense planner you bought

I don't know about you but I always buy planners with ideas of grandeur... and I use them for a week and then just let their empty pages grow obsolete week after week.  So this time I am going to use my planner so I know what is coming for me and don't have that moment of panic when things come too quickly without warning!

So that is it.  Those are my rules for the next two weeks, and if I like them at the end... I may just keep them!  Stay tuned to see how it goes!

Stay Sunny



  1. Good Luck-trying to get inspired as well!!

    1. Good luck to you!! inspiration is the hardest part for sure!

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