Friday, January 30, 2015

All About Those Kicks

Haaaaaaaappy FRIDAY everyone! TGIF amiright?!?! This week's fashion Friday is all about the kicks. I've been on the hunt for a great pair of white sneakers for months now! And finally found the perfect pair at the one and only...Loft!

(Online looks like they only have grey, blue and mint green. I got my white ones in the store.) 

I am a firm believer that these puppies can be dressed up or down. Jeans and a tee? Sure. Cute flirty dress? Why not!

So if you're on the hunt just like I was, I'm here to help you out. I'm linking some of my favs down below. Definitely get yourself a pair before spring hits, you won't regret it!

1. Converse

2. Gap

3. H&M


5. Vans 

'Til Next Time


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