Saturday, December 27, 2014

True Life: I Have a Holiday Birthday

So my birthday is December 20th. You know, 5 days before what some may call the biggest holiday of the year. And if it wasn't for my positive outlook on life and overall sunny disposition having a birthday so near to Christmas would forever be on my Shit List. But after 24 years I think my family and I have finally mastered the "separation of celebrations" if you will.

However, those of us celebrating a seasonal b-day will never quite enjoy it the same way the rest of the world will. 

A few things you can count on:

1. If you get a gift will be holiday themed. 
2. Your birthday wrapping paper...will be holiday themed.
3. As your friends and family are out shopping for your'll see them because you are also out getting them holiday presents.
4. Don't even think about trying to make dinner reservations. Everyone's back in town. The restaurant is already booked.
5. At least one person will ask if they can just get you one gift. NO YOU MAY NOT! TWO SEPARATE EVENTS. TWO SEPARATE GIFTS. Unless you would like your Christmas gift to also be counted as your birthday June.

So, shout out to all my holiday birthdays out there! I feel your pain, we should grab a drink and celebrate our days. On separate days. 

'Til Next Time

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