Monday, December 15, 2014

Last Minute Gift Ideas

With Christmas just around the corner, it's crunch time for holiday shopping! Even if you're an over achiever like me and already have your shopping done (totally not normal for me) somehow there's always one gift that sneaks up on you. Maybe it's that out of town friend you get to grab coffee with or a spur of the moment holiday party you stop by, you never want to be caught without a gift this time of year.

So I'm here to help you out! I've got 5 super easy and thoughtful gift ideas that are sure to leave the recipient merry and bright. 

The first two are super simple DIYs:

1. Beauty Gift Bag

When making gift bags I always think to myself, make sure it's something they'll actually use. Nail polish is always a good choice. And I am LOVING Essie's winter collection right now! EOS lip balm is definitely a crowd-pleaser and something your girlfriend can just throw in her purse. This adorable cat coin purse from Loft is puuuurrrrrfect (sorry I had to). And Ulta has a great set-up of affordable perfumes in almost all of their stores right now. This is just something cute your buddy can use all year round.

2. Re-vamped Gift Card

Ok, ok I get it sometimes gift cards are the only thing you can think of to get. If you're going to a Secret Santa party and won't know who gets your gift you want to be sure anyone would be happy to receive it. But gift cards are soooooo boring! So why don't you make them a little more fancy and put them in a cute to-go cup with some yummy candies?! It's safe because it's a gift card, but special because you put a little more effort into it. 

These next three you can do while you're online shopping.

3. 1 Page At A Time

I'm a sucker for kitschy gift books. Those joke books for the bathroom or guest room...hilarious. So I saw this one at Urban Outfitters and thought it was awesome! It's sort of like a journal, but not for real. Sometimes it's sarcastic and other times just plain weird. But it's a gift someone will definitely get a kick out of.

Giving someone jewelry is nice. But giving someone jewelry that has a purpose is even more wonderful. All products from Market Colors are handcrafted in Africa by men and women who have created more sustainable lifestyles through their partnership with this nonprofit. All of their products are absolutely beautiful!

5. ABD Sassy Mugs

I've been seeing these adorable mugs by Ashley Brooke Designs EVERYWHERE! And I want all of them! I agree, the best way to enjoy your morning coffee is with a little sass. 

Hope these ideas helped you out and you are having a WONDERFUL holiday season so far!

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