Thursday, December 18, 2014

Gift giving is hard

Happy Think About it Thursday!! You’ve made it this far in the week, one more day and then you’re FREE! Hope everyone’s holiday shopping is moving along, you’ve only got a week left!! If you need some last minute gift ideas, Porter’s got you covered with Monday’s post.. check it out!

There are several different kinds of gift givers. For example, I like people to tell me exactly what they want. I am the most indecisive person ever when shopping. My mind totally blanks and it feels like I know nothing about the people I'm shopping for. What do you want? What do you like? What do you need? I can spend forever trying to find the perfect gift, stressing out and making myself crazy. I don’t like guessing, point me in a direction of exactly what you want and I’m good. My best friend on the other hand? She’s an awesome gift giver. She loves searching for the perfect thing for each person on her list. She is bursting at the seams waiting for you to open it and make sure you love it, which you always do because she’s great!

Let’s chat about the different kinds, shall we?

First we have the “I listened to you all year and have the most perfect present for you” This person takes careful notes of everything you might have looked twice at while shopping together, thinks about conversations you’ve had and mentioned something that would make your life so much easier, they know exactly what you need in your life. They don’t need a list from you around the holidays, which takes the stress off of you. These people are awesome because they somehow gift you exactly what you didn’t remember you needed. They make you feel like they know you better than you know you, and hey maybe they might! 

Next up we have the “Gift cards are awesome” You know what? You’re right! They know shopping for other people is sometimes stressful. They want to get you the perfect present, but don’t know really how to go about that. Maybe they want to get you clothes but don’t know your size….GIFTCARD! Maybe they can’t remember what Alex&Ani bracelets you have and which ones are on your list….GIFTCARD! Maybe they know the only thing that gets you through the work week is your morning starbs…GIFTCARD! Basically the giftcard giver is saying, pick out your own present, but remember it’s technically from me!

The people that make me laugh the most are the “I”m buying you this because it also benefits me” These are usually your best girl friends because let’s be honest, what’s mine is also yours. They go shopping with every intention of buying you the perfect bag, but somehow also fall in love with it. Getting two is ridiculous, so they get one for you knowing very well they can borrow it any time they want. Same goes for clothes, nail polish, makeup (to an extent, stay sanitary people), shoes …you get it. People who also fall into this category can be family members. For example, last year for Christmas I bought my mom a steamer. Guess where that steamer is now… Yup, you guessed it, in my room. It’s just a win win situation for everyone!

Last on the list are the “Whoops, I totally didn’t remember to get you a present so here’s (insert random thing)” This usually happens when gift giving wasn’t mutually agreed upon. A coworker, a friend you didn’t think you were exchanging gifts with, a family member’s signifiant other, anyone who didn’t make the cut while shipping. The good thing about these people is instead of feeling awkward because they didn’t pick something out specially for that person, they always have something on reserve. They always have a stash of Bath and Body Works candles, random ornaments, picture frames, anything little that they can just break out and work for anyone. These people are awesome because no matter what, they always have something up their sleeve. Sure, maybe you weren’t originally on their list, but they still managed to find something for you!

Of course, gifts aren’t always necessary. It’s super cliche to say, but it’s true it’s better to give than to receive. Around the holidays we all get caught up in finding the perfect present for everyone on our list and getting all our Christmas shopping done in time. At the end of the day, health and happiness of loved ones is what really matters, everything else is just icing on the cake.

What kind of gift giver are you? 
Perfect and prepared? Last minute and laid back? 
Let us know!

it's been fun,

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