Wednesday, November 19, 2014

What We're Watching: New Girl

Who's that girl…IT'S JESS!
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It's no surprise that the three of us here at We Dress Alright are mildly obsessed with New Girl. Not only because two of us share the same first name as Miss Jessica Day, but also because it's a silly feel-good show about a group of friends just trying to figure out life…sound familiar?
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The show is currently in it's fourth season and so far has not disappointed! From Jess's quirky personality and adorable fashion sense to Nick's permanent grumpy face, you bet this season has everything you've grown to love. And of course, my personal favorite: Schmidt Quotes. Shout out to Buzzfeed for turning some of my favorites into motivational posters.
Listen, we love this show because it has heart. Yes it has humor, drama, awkwardness, love stories but above all it's about the fact that these random strangers have become each other's dearest friends.

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If you aren't caught up on the series yet you might want stop reading because…spoilers.

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There is a LOT to look forward to this season. Are Nick and Jess going to get back together? I'm hoping and praying they will! But as of right now looks like Jess has her eye on the new teacher they just hired at her school. Do I spy a scandal in her future? Cece is now single so you KNOW it won't be long before Schmidt makes winning her back a top priority. And I'm actually really interested to see if Winston will make it as a cop, not sure if his friends will ever see him as one though. We're only about 6 episodes into this season but I am ready to see what's going to happen to these crazy kids in the future.
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Jess definitely gets me...
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