Saturday, November 22, 2014

Airport Life

Since I'm not a real big jet-setter (although I aspire to be), whenever I have to travel anywhere by plane I get all giddy. I always feel like there's something magical about an airport. Everyone coming to the same place to travel all over the world. Ah! It's so exciting! My face usually resembles this for a good 15 minutes. 

...Hi Dad!

However, the giddiness and magic fades once I actually step foot in the airport. I quickly realize my ideas about airports are an illusion and my face turns to reserved annoyance until I reach my destination. 

So many people in one place isn't's hell! I simply do not understand the sheer stupidity of some individuals. Why in the world would you try and bring four cans of Pepsi through security?! IS THIS YOUR FIRST TIME FLYING IN AMERICA?? Three ounces ma'am! THREE OUNCES!!! And people, anticipate your next step. Do not wait until you reach the metal detector to take off your shoes! HAVE YOU LEARNED NOTHING!? UGH!

And bless my dear parents for making sure we arrive to our terminal two hours before departure. Enough time for me to get some Starbs and people watch. Wait. Nope. Yeah, not standing in the Starbucks line at the airport, I will surely miss my flight. Thank God there's no shortage of fast food at Orlando International. 

Then you finally board and have a moment to relax. Psh...not! Yep, children already crying? Perfect. Only middle seats left? Excuse me sir as I gracefully shimmy past you to find my seat. Don't mind me I'll just be flipping through the ridiculousness that is Sky Mall.

I'll buy it only if I get the Corgi too.

Oh man, you know sometimes things just aren't how you dreamed they'd be. For me that thing happens to be airports. But I'll continue to fly. Because littered among the frustration you look to your left out the window and see something that's quite lovely. 

As many of you start traveling this week for the holiday I say good luck and hang in there! At the very least you'll arrive home with some interesting stories.

'Til Next Time



  1. Can't believe you didn't discuss the almost always having a delay of some sort or the even more dreaded "Welcome to Cleveland! Sorry your luggage from Tampa couldn't have arrived with you! Please enjoy our 40 degree weather and not having a coat, proper shoes, clothes or ANY OF YOUR BELONGINGS during your stay. Hope your trip up here for that wedding is enjoyable. Thanks for flying Southwest!" Or do these terrible things only happen to me?! ;(

  2. Ahhhh! Of course!!! Luggage! And don't you love the people who swear they can fit their giant suitcase into the overhead compartment? "It's my carry on I promise!"